2022 Year of Poetic Medicine:

Poetry of Nature

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Year of Poetic Medicine is an opportunity to be supported in your exploration and practice of poetry and creative writing as a way to access the deep source of inner wisdom and love that is your truth. It is a way to bring forth your generative voice and to do this in the company of other like-hearted people. Healing is always the underlying current; poetry offers a way to know ourselves and the world.

For our 2022 Year of Poetic Medicine program, we are pleased to offer Poetry of Nature, now in its third year! Dive deep into monthly areas of focus through poetry reading, writing, sharing, and reflection.

Everything we do is by invitation. Please bring a willingness to be curious and receptive, to deeply listen and respond to yourself and others. No experience with poetry is necessary!  

We invite you to join our Poetic Medicine community on this healing journey!

You Will Receive:

Monthly Letters

Through stories, poems, writing prompts, and reflections on the theme of choice, we'll weave a tangible, living record of our journey together.

Private Facebook Group

In our intimate community forum, we share our writing, responses to the letters and prompts, inspirations, and reflections.

Poetry of Nature

Facilitated by NanLeah, Geoff Oelsner

As we turn to a new year, it is essential we turn towards Nature and our well-being. We can do this by connecting with nature and the Earth. This is the most important time in our existence to be doing this healing work. 

We invite you to discover the generative and healing powers of Nature and poem-making - to practice openness, receptivity, curiosity, and deep listening. Perhaps like us, you yearn for inner and outer stillness, and feel ready to lead a more spacious, intentional life. Your body is asking to be listened to. You are being called to live by heart, mind and soul. Poetry-writing and sensitivity to the natural world are open portals to this more soulful aliveness.  

This year-long Poetic Medicine journey is for all kinds of Nature Lovers: for those wishing to create or deepen their Nature practice and poetry writing; for those that are concerned about Earth's changing climate, and their place in it; for those who have the felt sense that things can be different; and for those who are ready to turn their hearts and minds to a new story. Everything we do is by invitation. No prior experience with poetry and poetry-writing is necessary.

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NanLeah (she/her)  has supported the generative, healing powers of IPM's Year of Poetic Medicine Programs since 2017. She's excited to be part the third year of Poetry of Nature.  She is honored to be a part of IPM's mission of awakening soulfulness in the human voice. Pluviophile, poet, photographer, self-taught naturalist, NanLeah weaves her hobbies together to share Nature as it's unfolding in her “neck of the woods,” the temperate rainforest of the Olympic Peninsula. For the last 23 years, she's sent roots deep into the dance of plants, animals and birds that share their home with her.

Geoff Oelsner

Geoff Oelsner (he/him) has been an IPM Board Member for the past 10 years. He is a poet, a singer/songwriter and an environmental activist, living in Fayetteville, Arkansas, the Ozarks bioregion since 1979. Geoff published a collection of poetry, Native Joy: Poems, Visions, Dreams and released 2 CDs of original songs, Morning Branches and Ordinary Mystery. His memoir, A Country Where All Colors Are Sacred and Alive, affirms his belief in our vital capacity to connect with and benefit our natural environment.

Topics of Exploration

Honoring our turn around the sun; bridging our inner and outer “neck of the woods”; 
attuning to the equinoxes and solstices; celebrating the seasons within seasons; respecting 
our connection to the animals, birds, plants, and trees that share Earth with us; deepening 
our conversation around Earth’s changing climate and its effects.